live here.

My name is Cort Danger William Folberth Stratton. This pathetic excuse for a personal web site will, in all likelihood, never get any fancier than this. So, in short:

  • I live in Los Angeles, California.
  • I'm a professional video game programmer. I write platform-level graphics code for Sony, most notably the official rendering API for the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation Edge geometry-processing library for the PS3. As a result, I am credited on a ton of games.
  • I wrote a number of (now largely defunct) open-source software projects, most of which haven't been touched in 10+ years:
    • PyAIML, a pure-Python interpreter for the AIML conversational AI markup language
    • Howie, a chatbot (mostly a thin wrapper / test harness around PyAIML
    • avisplice, a simple utility to concatenate multiple AVI movies into a single file
    • Revel, a really easy video encoding library (see what I did there?)
    • Kafka, an image-morphing utility that never worked as well as I'd hoped.
  • I wrote a few articles for Mike Acton's #AltDevBlogADay game development blog.
  • I am a very very amateur musician.